A little history about who we are.  Dan Estabrook started a construction company many years back with his older brother.  He then realized that he wanted to branch out on his own and so he did in 1999.  AccuWest Pacific, LLC was open for business.  Here at AccuWest Pacific we can remodel your home or build you a new home.  If you want to remodel your commercial building we can do that too.  Time have changed since 1999 and homeowners are holding on to their money and doing small projects.  We can do that for you as well.  We are a professional builder but don't let that fool you into thinking we are the most expensive.  We are competitive and our quality is exceptional.  

To expand more Dan started Apollo Decks, Gutters & More in 2003.  He saw that there was a need for a new gutter company in town and moved forward.   His dream kept growing and in 2007  American Dream Home Center "Where Everyday's A Home Show" was opened.  This is a small showroom where our clients can come and take a look at what we are really all about.  This is not a retail store, however just a place where you can come and take a look at some of your options.

Dan has over 30 years experience in residential & light commercial construction.  If you want it built he can do it.